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There are three options for subscription: Professional, Facility and Expert. Please refer to the "Subscription Option" table below to choose a subscription option best for you, and select the subscription option of your choice from the drop down menu and click the Subscribe button to order your subscription.

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Subscription Option

Subscription Options

The following table lists the four subscription options and what product features are included in the option. If you are doing professional coding and billing in an out patient office for a physician, you will need the "Professional" option. If you are coding in a hospital setting, you probably needs the "Facility" option. If you want to get the most value out of your subscription fee, you can subscribe to "Expert" option and all the medical tools from this web site are available to you at your finger tips. If you only need to consult the coding books occasionally, then you can use the web site for free.

You can try every product feature by clicking on the link in the first column of the following Subscription Options table, but you need to create a 30 day free trial account to access all product features.

Product Feature Free Professional Facility Expert
Subscription cost $0 $69 $149 $199
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