Hands-on ICD-10 Tutorial

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Session Tutorial Title
Session 0 Prerequisite
Session 1 Basic Steps of ICD-10-CM Coding
Session 2 Basic Steps with More Examples
Session 3 Instructional Notes: Excludes1 vs Excludes2
Session 4 How to Code Diabetes
Session 5 How to code neoplasm - Part 1
Session 6 How to code neoplasm - Part 2
Session 7 How to code neoplasm - Part 3
Session 8 ICD-10-CM 7th Character
Session 9 Table of Drugs and Chemicals
Session 10 ICD-10-CM User Guide
Session 11 ICD-10-PCS User Guide
Session 12 CPT Book User Guide
Session 13 HCPCS II Book User Guide
Session 14 DRG User Guide
Session 15 How to avoid claim denial
Session 16 ICD-10-CM Instructional Notations
Session 17 InclusionTerm and Includes Notes